theorywrong wears PKGi on PS4

PKGi on PS4

PKGi, a well-known homebrew on PlayStation Vita and TV, is likely to find its way onto the scene of Sony's latest home console. After having made a passage also on PS3, this homebrew will therefore probably soon land on PS4.
One of the major developers in the PS4 scene, theorywrong, is working on PKGi on PS4! For those who do not know this homebrew, it is the port of PKGi offered on PlayStation Vita by mmozeiko originally, the PGKi application would allow you to download and install .pkg files directly on your PS4.

As theorywrong rightly reminds us, it is a homebrew that is intended to democratize homebrew and not piracy. For the moment the homebrew is not yet complete, but the first sources are available in the link below.

To achieve this, the developer relied on a package of icons from Freepik, TinyJSON from pbhogan, Toolchain and Mira from Team OpenOrbis and the Flat_Z installation writeup.
Download: PGKi on PS4

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