DS4Windows v2.1.21 Released

DS4Windows v2.1.21

The developers of the Switch scene are very active at the moment, after a few weeks of scarcity, the scene is back a bit for our greatest pleasure.
DS4Windows is a utility that allows you to use your Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of an Xbox 360 controller.
DS4Windows indeed allows you to enjoy your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, but this is not all XBox360 devices and even Dual Sense are now supported, the software indeed makes it possible to serve as an efficient interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, a project that was located here at ds4windows.com.

These are two versions that have been offered by Ryochan7, v2.1.20 and v2.1.21.
Changelog 2.1.21:
     Make sure profile name textbox is enabled by default again
     Added 7-Zip archive of ScpVBus build
Download: DS4Windows v2.1.21

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