Incognito RCM v0.6.8 Released

Incognito RCM v0.6.8

Incognito RCM has also been updated to v0.6.8, this is an updated payload by Scandal-UK which updated the jimzrt fork originally developed by Blawar.
The Incognito_RCM payload will take care of erasing personal information from your Nintendo console by deleting it from prodinfo.

- Clear personal information on sysnand / emunand
- Save prodinfo from sysnand / emunand
- Restore prodinfo on sysnand / emunand
Since the NAND memory is encrypted, it relies on Shchmue's Lockpick_RCM to obtain the necessary encryption keys first. You can apply Incognito_RCM directly after installing Atmosphere or at any time.


Fixed an issue introduced in v0.6.7 which prevented backups from working correctly.
Download: Incognito RCM v0.6.8

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