libnx 4.0.0 Released

libnx 4.0.0

Beyond the possibilities offered by the console hax, there are some developers like Yellows8 or fincs who are trying to bring the homebrew part of the Nintendo console to life.
The efforts they implement are numerous but this particularly involves the proposal of all-in-one libraries which are supposed to facilitate the work of the developers of hombrews.
The biggest proposal is made by fincs with libnx which unveils version 4.0 of its program with a stratospheric changelog.

Changelog Version 4.0.0

    #### system
    * **Added support for the light event synchronization primitive** (needs [4.0.0+] or mesosph√®re).
    * **The virtmem API was completely redesigned** to support ASLR and increase thread safety.
    * **Added diagAbortWithResult**, an overridable user panic function which is intended to replace fatalThrow in order to stop homebrew from treating application errors as fatal system errors that bring the entire OS down.
      * The default implementation uses svcBreak.
      * Replaced calls to fatalThrow with diagAbortWithResult throughout libnx.
    * Added detectMesosphere.
    * Added svcGetResourceLimitPeakValue [11.0.0+].
    * Added InfoType_FreeThreadCount [11.0.0+].
    * Corrected svcBreak definition and added BreakReason enum.
    * Removed obsolete kernel version detection code.
      * fatal service wrapper now checks hosversion.
      * Jit object wrapper now checks syscall hinting provided by the homebrew environment (requires nx-hbloader 2.4.0+).
    * Miscellaneous crt0/linkscript fixes and optimizations.
    #### input
    * **Major refactor of the HID service**, including a redesigned API that follows official usage more accurately, allowing more flexibility and improved future maintainability. Summary of changes:
      * Introduced HidNpadIdType, HidNpadStyleTag, HidNpadButton enums and others.
      * Enums and structs were updated to more accurately reflect official names; this also affects all other hid related services.
      * Everything which formerly took HidControllerID parameters now takes HidNpadIdType instead; this also affects all other hid related services.
      * Handle types (such as vibration and sixaxis sensor handles) are now structs instead of bare integer values; this also affects all other hid related services.
      * Introduced explicit initialization functions for Npad, TouchScreen, Mouse, Keyboard.
      * Introduced (or renamed) functions for configuring or retrieving Npad input style and other associated behavior.
      * Introduced the hidGetNpadStates{X} family of functions, which read the current state of a Npad in the given style.
      * Likewise introduced hidGetTouchScreenStates, hidGetMouseStates, hidGetKeyboardStates, hidGetSixAxisSensorStates.
      * Added support for most other miscellaneous hid service commands.
      * Deprecated the entirety of the old API, including but not limited to: hidScanInput, hidGetKeysDown/Held/Up, hidTouchCount, hidTouchRead, etc.
        * Removed hidSetControllerLayout/hidGetControllerLayout together with HidControllerLayoutType.
      * Introduced a new wrapper Pad API that replaces the old API for application usage.
      * Introduced PadRepeater API.
    * **Added full support for GameCube, Palma (Pok√© Ball Plus), Lark (NES) and Lucia (SNES) controllers.**
    * **Added support for gestures.**
    * **Improved support for SevenSixAxisSensor.**
    * Added hiddbg AutoPilot support for DebugPad, TouchScreen, Mouse, Keyboard.
    * Added hiddbgDeactivateHomeButton.
    * Added HiddbgNpadButton enum with Home/Capture buttons (exclusive to hiddbg pad state).
    * Updated hidsys service wrapper for [11.0.0+], including new functionality.
    * Added hidsysSendKeyboardLockKeyEvent, hidsysGetNpadInterfaceType, hidsysGetNpadLeftRightInterfaceType, hidsysHasBattery, hidsysHasLeftRightBattery, hidsysIsUsbFullKeyControllerEnabled, hidsysEnableUsbFullKeyController, hidsysIsUsbConnected, hidsysIsFirmwareUpdateNeededForNotification.
    * Improved support for hidsys' Home/Sleep/Capture button commands.
    * Added HidsysUniquePadSerialNumber struct.
    * Fixed bug in hidbus/Ring-Con code that could cause a crash following cleanup.
    #### applets
    * Updated applet service wrapper for [11.0.0+], including new functionality.
    * Renamed several members in the following enums to more accurately reflect official names: AppletOperationMode, AppletHookType, AppletMessage, AppletFocusState, AppletFocusHandlingMode, AppletId, AppletWirelessPriorityMode, AppletWindowOriginMode.
    * Added appletHolderGetExitEvent, appletHolderGetPopInteractiveOutDataEvent.
    * Added libappletRequestToLaunchApplication, libappletRequestJumpToStory [11.0.0+].
    * Added webConfigSetTransferMemory.
    * Added swkbdInlineGetMaxHeight, swkbdInlineGetTouchRectangles, swkbdInlineIsUsedTouchPointByKeyboard, swkbdInlineGetMiniaturizedHeight.
    * Added nfpLa wrapper (amiibo).
    * Added miiLa wrapper (Mii editor).
    * Added nifmLa wrapper.
    * Updated swkbd for [10.0.0+].
    * Updated web for [10.0.0+].
    * Updated hidLa for [11.0.0] + misc fixes.
    * Implemented support for WebSession in web.
    * Implemented support for UserDisplay mode in swkbd.
    #### filesystem
    * Added fsCreateSaveDataFileSystem, fsDeleteSaveDataFileSystem, fsDeleteSaveDataFileSystemBySaveDataAttribute.
    * Added fsOpenDataFileSystemByCurrentProcess, fsOpenDataFileSystemByProgramId, fsOpenDataStorageByProgramId, fsOpenPatchDataStorageByCurrentProcess.
    * Added fsOutputAccessLogToSdCard, fsGetProgramIndexForAccessLog.
    * Added romfsMountDataStorageFromProgram.
    * Fixed stat on romfs devices to report failure properly for non-existent files/directories.
    #### other services
    * Added Bluetooth (bt, btdrv, btm, btm:u, btm:sys) service wrappers.
      * Added btdev wrapper API.
    * Added ins:r and ins:s service wrappers.
    * Added uart service wrapper.
    * Added news service wrapper.
    * Added lp2p service wrapper.
    * Added ectx:r service wrapper [11.0.0+].
    * Added capmtp service wrapper [11.0.0+].
    * Added smDetachClient [11.0.0+].
    * Added ErrorContextType enum.
    * Updated gpio service wrapper to add most missing functionality.
    * Updated psm service wrapper to add more battery functions.
    * Updated loader service wrapper for [11.0.0+].
    * Updated usb:ds service wrapper for [11.0.0+].
    * Updated set service wrapper for [10.1.0+], including new functionality.
    * Updated ns service wrapper to consider ns:ro if available [11.0.0+].
    * Updated ssl service enum SslVersion for [11.0.0+].
    * Renamed several members in the following enums to more accurately reflect official names: ApmPerformanceMode, ApmCpuBoostMode.
    * Fixed bug in splCryptoGetSecurityEngineEvent service wrapper.
    * Fixed audoutOpenAudioOut to properly pass aruid, making the service usable once again (and restoring compatibility with [1.0.0]).
    * Reliability and usability fixes in usb:ds:
      * Added UsbState enum (now returned by usbDsGetState).
      * Fixed usbDsWaitReady to properly respect the given timeout.
    **Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.**
Download : libnx 4.0.0

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