PS-Phive v1 by Leeful Released

PS-Phive v1 by Leeful

Leeful well known in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro scene for its PS-Phwoar solutions! has just made available a new host under the name of PS-Phive!
It's actually still PS-Phwoar! but it has a brand new design, beware this new host is only intended for firmware 6.72.

Its host has a design based on the interface of the PS5, this is the first version of this host, so it is possible to find some bugs, and if so, they will have to be reported. to the developer to improve it.


- The user interface has been redesigned and the code has been heavily optimized.
- Added Firmware Spoofer and Fan Control payloads
- Added save / restore functions for SaveData, TrophyData, OfflineCache, AvatarFiles.
- Addition of To-DEV, To-Kratos and To-Retail payloads.
- Added a payload for the GTAV mod menu.
- Added a Linux Loader payload for Baikal support.
Download: PS-Phive! v1

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