ArtemisPS3 r6.2 Released

ArtemisPS3 r6.2

Bucanero is back to the forefront of the PlayStation 3 scene with a new take on Artemis.
Artemis is a kind of Action Replay that consists of an application and plugins, the first of which is to apply the codes called Netcheat in your favorite games with amazing ease.
This r6.2 brings a lot of changes, additions, withdrawals ... in short, an essential version if you enjoy it on your PS3.

Changelog r6.2:
     Analog stick support
     Uses PS3MAPI for plugin management
         Detects if internal / external plugin is loaded
         External plugin can be loaded via boot_plugins.txt, wMM, etc.
     New and updated cheat codes
     Added "Installed games" filter option
Download: ArtemisPS3 r6.2

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