Hekate Toolbox v4.0.1 Released

Hekate Toolbox v4.0.1

Just a year ago, developer AtlasNX unveiled Kosmos Toolbox, a stand-alone application that found a place in the Kosmos All-in-One package.
The developer tumGER has decided to propose a new version 4.0.1 which thus buries the name of "Kosmos" and which updates the compilation by adding a new version of LibNX and other more recent libraries, in the goal of correcting some bugs.
The Hekate Toolbox allows the user to modify loader parameters (requires modified version). It was originally developed for use with SDFiles from tomGER (later Kosmos from AtlasNX), but works entirely with Hekate-based CFW configurations.

Changelog 4.0.1:

     Rebranded "Kosmos Toolbox" to "Hekate Toolbox", including the logo.
         This is a purely visual change.
         We actually debranded it nearly a year ago.     

Compiled with the latest LibNX and other used libraries to hopefully fix some bugs

Download: Hekate Toolbox v4.0.1

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