PS4-Store 3.2 and Store Version 1.2 Released

PS4-Store 3.2 and Store Version 1.2

LightningMods informs us that it has just offered a silent update to the PS4-Store, silent because you will not have to take any action to take advantage of it, everything is happening online.
At least when it is launched the application will update automatically, remember that PS4-Store is a server that allows you to download applications.
Built in GLES2, it still needs to be improved, but with this version 3.2, LightningMods fixed a lot of bugs, as evidenced by the changelog.


  • Added the Settings menu
  • Added MANY bug fixes
  • Apps renamed to Installed Apps for later addition
  • TTF now load from the INI file path with backup embedded font
  • Manage almost all INI settings from the Settings Menu
  • added Store Version to the Corner of the screen and log under temp

Download: PS4-Store 3.2 and Store Version 1.2

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