Ultimate Toolbox v1.02 Released

Ultimate Toolbox v1.02

DeViL303 has just put on line a new version of Ultimate Toobox which passes in version v1.02 and which was soberly entitled "it only does everything".
And why such a name? Quite simply because this version brings an impressive number of new features. As a reminder, Ultimate Toolbox is a tool for the PS3 that allows you to customize your XMB to death, in particular by modifying the Coldboot logos, sounds, fonts, themes, but this new version adds many features that change the way the files are managed, so it is recommended to uninstall the previous version. To delete the old version, go to Ultimate Toolbox Setup> Move to Reinstall Ultimate Plugin> Press Triangle> Delete. Then restart! 

Changelog Ultimate Toolbox v1.02:

- Toolbox is now modular with a BASE version of 30MB which becomes the standard.
- On the BASE version, additional options like Coldboot logos, Coldboot sounds, fonts, themes, PS2 emulators, wallpapers and visualizations are now all available for download in their respective menus, or in the new module manager in the Toolbox configuration. Users can install the FULL version if they want all modules to be available after installation without any additional downloads required.
The BASIC version can be updated to be exactly the same as the FULL version by downloading all modules.
- Added options to switch between xmb_plugin to display IP information on the XMB.
- New screen saver options with the ability to download OR stream 10 screen saver videos with or without audio
- Small modification of the file explorer to show dev_hdd0 and dev_hdd1 as separate entries.
- The "Power options toggler" option now has "restart options" as requested by @aldostools
- Added canyon presets menu with 60 options
- Added a menu of wave presets with 33 options
- Added Netemu PS2 rocker with 8 options. (Thanks to @kozarovv for these files)
- Added XMB icon style rocker with 12 options (icons.qrc)
- More than 100 fonts are now available in the font installer, 80 new fonts have been added since version 1.01
- Now more than 380 Coldboot logos available in the logo installer, 350 new ones added since v1.01 (thanks to @LuanTeles for these files)
- Over 80 Gaia visualizations are now available, 50 new ones have been added since v1.01
- Added mod Impose
- All icons have been optimized. All view mods now use jpg @ 240x240 icons. There were a few 486x405 pngs left from the ps3EXTRA ISOs. A few MB less.
- All mod names have been standardized to make things more consistent, they are now named from 1. *** to xx. *** with the corresponding icons named from 1.jpg to xx.jpg (lines / earth / canyon / icons / fonts / ac3s)
- Bugfix in version 1.01, disappearance of the sound icon of the amiga boot, ofw coldboot exchanged with Rebug.
- Added an uninstall option dedicated to the Toolbox configuration which removes Ultimate Toolbox.
- From now on, you can use the update function to reinstall the Toolbox if needed, the update item will always be linked to the latest pkg of the BASE version.
- New experimental feature for developers which allows them to exchange between Debug and the standard Cobra payload, the user must provide the payloads on USB. This feature is not intended for noobs and is experimental.
Download: Ultimate Toolbox v1.02 BASE pkg (30MB) / Ultimate Toolbox v1.02 FULL pkg (386MB)

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