Hakchi2 CE v3.9.1 Released

Hakchi2 CE v3.9.1

DanTheMan827 has just put online a new version of Hakchi2 CE, it indeed unveils v3.9.1 after releasing v3.9.0 a few days ago.
It has been almost a year since Hakchi2 CE had not been officially updated since the previous version was released on April 06, 2020, in full containment.
This version incorporates a bug fix for installing mods from the mod hub and typos in the French translation.
This version includes a much requested feature, the ability to import games from the Mini menu. In addition, it has many new features and bug fixes.

New Features:
    [ALL] Add "Open With FTP" button to save manager
    [ALL] Add ability to import games from mini
    [ALL] Add option to disable scraping on import
    [ALL] Add split by genre to folder manager and refactor the genre list code
    [ALL] Allow core selection for stock games
    [ALL] Don't reboot the system after installing each mod with "Download and Install" #323
    [ALL] Take screenshot on F8 press
    [ALL] Unify release and debug builds
    [SCRAPER] Auto-update game hash list on launch if a newer version is available.
    [SCRAPER] Optimize TheGamesDB API requests when importing
    [SEGA] Enable factory reset on Genesis / Mega Drive
    [TRANSLATION] Add Latin America Spanish translation by ReyVGM
    [TRANSLATION] Add Portuguese translation by kONNEN
    [TRANSLATION] Add Swedish translation by yeager
Bug Fixes:
    [ALL] Add dash to allowed rom filename characters
    [ALL] Don't open files for writing if the stream is never written to, fixes error when files are marked read-only
    [ALL] Fix art not updating when selecting a local file
    [ALL] Fix bug where the repo list fails to load when changing languages #365
    [ALL] Replace invalid characters in hmod file names, fixes issue that caused the system to run out of space
    [SCRAPER] Fix corrupted hash lookup entries
    [SCRAPER] Fix enable information scrape on import not checking/unchecking
    [SEGA] Fix backup restore for sega systems and support compressed files.
Other Changes:
    [ALL] Allow ShellTasks to be called without a tasker object
    [ALL] Move readme_cache into the cache folder instead of user_mods
    [ALL] Refactor folder manager split code
    [ALL] Temporarily disable game genie until it can be fixed
    [SEGA] Add hashes for MOON-rework-moon-es1-v0.8.3-1080US-7c6101c
    [SEGA] Add powered by link to scraper dialog
    [TRANSLATION] Update Arabic translation
    [TRANSLATION] Update French translation
    [TRANSLATION] Update Spanish translation
    [TRANSLATION] Update Swedish translation

Download: Hakchi2 CE v3.9.1

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