Mod V4 Dragon Ball Fighter Z Released

Mod V4 Dragon Ball Fighter Z

It took a while, but here it is finally, the new update of my Mod for Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

This new v4 update brings a lot of novelties and not the least, indeed in this new Mod you will find, the original musics of the animated one and also among others modifications of textures bringing new skins for some characters, but this is not all ...

After a lot of research and testing, here is finally coming the music of the animated during the title menu, the lobby menu, the character selection menu, during the fights etc ... Giving the game a much nicer touch that with the original music of the title.

There is also as announced above, the modification of textures (finally) which allows to change the colors on the characters, giving a lot of modifications (like changing the colors of the hair or the costumes).

This new mod pack is installed on version CUSA09072 of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a simple PKG to install like any other PKG via the Debug menu of the console.


    - Install the base game CUSA09072
    - Install version 1.23
    - Install all DLC
    - Install the mod-pack last
This mod works perfectly on 5.05 and should work also on 6.72 and 7.02 (not tested), I await your feedback on 6.72 and 7.02 in order to know if it should be modified for, which would amaze me.

    - Gogeta normal, super sayen, super sayen God
    - Goku normal outfit change
    - Gohan intergalactic warrior version
    - Goku super sayen 3
    - Frieza Ultimate Form
    - C-18 change of dress
    - Normal vegeta with damage
    - Little goku super sayen 3
    - C-17 original outfit
    - Baddack super sayen, super sayen God
    - Goku blue version DBS Broly
    - Vegeta Majin, normal, super sayen, super sayen God
    - Broly super sayen 3
    - Vegeto normal, super sayen, super sayen God
    - Piccolo with damage
    - Android 21 switch with Bulma
    - Hit Manga version
    - Black Goku super sayen 3 rosé
    - Zamasu merged switch with normal Zamasu
    - Goku super sayen 4
    - Bulma
    - Gohan super sayen Broly outfit
    - Broly DBS original form, transformation, super sayen, super sayen God, super sayen Blue
    - Kefla normal, super sayen, super sayen God
    - Addition of original music for menus (title, lobby, selection) and courses

Download: Mod V4 Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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