Kosmos-Reborn Released


Team Libra has just put online what looks like the rebirth of a Switch hack legend, Kosmos-Reborn is indeed the reproduction of Kosmos. The Kosmos project was an all in one that brought together the best of the Switch hack, including all the best homebrews attached to Atmosphere for 2 years. The dream simply ended one morning in May 2020, leaving a great void where alternative solutions like DeepSea were installed.
However Kosmos has always remained a bit in the minds and hearts, and Nichole Mattera, a programmer has set up Team Libra to continue the Kosmos adventure with a resurrection under the name of Kosmos-Reborn.

Since the beginning of the year she has been working on the project, the project is still evolving day by day, which is why no final build is yet proposed, but you can create it easily.
Download: Kosmos-Reborn

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