PS4 Jailbreak 7.50 Released

PS4 Jailbreak 7.50


Not only did we just see a PS1 exploit released, the exploited PS4 firmware latter has extended a step to now firmware 7.50 has been officially exploited and released to the public as developer Sleirsgoevy has released the latest PS4 Jailbreak that has utilized the latest findings from TheFlow in his disclosed bug that has the potential to work upto 7.55 but is currently targeted for 7.50 for this release. TheFlow has tweeted several hints regarding 7.55 (tweet 1 / 2) but 7.55 is yet to be solved by other, @zecoxao provided some details and shared via twitter see below.

This is not a fully functional jailbreak yet as there is elements that are needed to be ported like the Mira/HEN and other Payload, so you should not update to this exploit from previous exploits yet. Let it mature, but if your on a PS4 on 7.50 or lower and missed out on previous exploits, Stay Tuned as this progresses.

Sleirsgoevy's Twitter (Release) 7.50, expects payload on 9020/tcp. Applied patches: mmap, mprotect, syscall everywhere, kexec, delayed panics. Note: there is no Mira/HEN for 7.50 yet!
via @zecoxao 's twitter (About 7.55 FW)
    the 7.50 exploit shared by @sleirsgoevy
    seems to reach all the way to the end in 7.55 but when listening to payloads, when you send one made by
    @_AlAzif , it immediately throws an out of memory error.

    Working on figuring out why payloads aren't working correctly with some people right now.

Download: PS4 Jailbreak 7.50

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