Universal-Updater v3.2.1 Released

Universal-Updater v3.2.1

Epicpkmn11 unveils version 3,2,1 bug fix time! of Universal Updater, Universal Updater is the much simpler-to-use equivalent of MultiUpdater, it also includes the basics of operation, but more accessible. Unlike the latter, you don't have to create your own configuration, simple scripts can be downloaded with which Luma3DS or NTR can be updated with the push of a button. 

What's New?

  •     Added Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, though Traditional is not fully translated currently)
  •     Added custom themes, see the wiki page for details
  •     Prompts now have buttons on the touch screen you can tap in addition to pressing A and B


  •     Shortened the description so it fits better in the Homebrew Launcher

Bug fixes

  •     Fixed not showing progress bar when self updating
  •     Fixed not showing a progress bar when downloading the custom font on selecting Ukrainian
  •     Fixed putting 3DSX files in folders setting not saving
  •     Fixed sometimes crashing when a download failed
  •     Fixed apps being set as installed if the installation failed
  •     Fixed prompts sometimes immediately accepting instead of waiting for another key press
  •     Fixed the Add Selection to Queue button's text max width being bigger than the button


Download: Universal-Updater v3.2.1

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