KyûHEN Released


Rinnegatamante has just published, for the KyûHEN competition, a new homebrew for the PlayStation Vita.
This tool allows you to redirect the use of ux0 to other partitions.
In fact, hbRedirect is a plugin that allows you to move game data files or homebrew ports to mounted secondary partitions, most of the time, in the form uma0 or imc0. 

hbDirect is therefore particularly useful if your ux0 partition is full.
Download: hbredirect

The second interesting novelty is the arrival of the port of Command & Conquer, under the name of Vanilla Conquer.

It is thanks to the talents of developer Northfear that this has been made possible and will allow you to enjoy the old RTS Command & Conquer and Red Alert games on your PS Vita.
Thus it will be possible to run Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn but also Red Alert.
Download: vanilla_conquer

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