Vita-Moonlight 0.9.1 Released

Vita-Moonlight 0.9.1

d3m3vilurr offers you version 0.9.1 of vita-moonlight. As a reminder, Moonlight allows you to stream your pc on the screen of your PSVita. It is based on nVidia Gamestreams.
Note that this utility has also been released on Android, iOS and Raspberry PI.
You will need a PS Vita with HENkaku and VitaShell installed, an ftp client and above all your computer must be under Windows and be equipped with an nVidia graphics card (minimum GTX 650).

Support for GFE 3.22 (2452e98)
Known issues
This version is marked as a risky application in VitaShell. It may simply be related to the latest changes to vitasdk. Please don't panic about the alert message.
Download: Vita-Moonlight 0.9.1

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