ldn_mitm 1.8.0 Released

ldn_mitm 1.8.0

spacemeowx2 offers you a new version of its ldn_mitm module, version 1.8.0.
As a reminder, ldn_mitm, is a custom KIP file. Its ldn_mitm module, if your console is banned or you simply want to protect yourself from a possible ban, allows you to support almost all games supporting the local wireless network. This KIP file, named Ldn_mitm, comes in addition to switch-lan-play.

Main new feature: addition of compatibility with Atmosphere version 0.19
Compatible games: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Eg_EE0xsBytSyWr7mtvD0MGUjCjyDJBXrHJ8ra8q8-8/htmlview#gid=0

Download: ldn_mitm 1.8.0

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