rif-ripper v1.2.1 Released

rif-ripper v1.2.1

a new version of a homebrew called RIF Ripper, under this name hides a PS Vita utility that will allow us to save the content of licenses purchased for PSP, PS Vita, and PS3.
At a time when the blinds were clearly threatened, that of the PSP having already been condemned to it, this utility offered by cuevavirus via the devchroma.nl forum could have its use.

Its operation is quite simple, the license backup is performed when launching the application, so you must be connected to your PSN account, the licenses are recorded and stored in the ux0: / rif-ripper directory.
You should therefore not delete this folder, because it will contain the backup of each of your licenses! Your console may seem stopped while the backup is in progress, and it should be noted that the RIFs for the PlayStation Vita are saved as "fake RIF" compatible with NoNpDrm, while the licenses for PS3 and PSP content are saved as RAP files.

First connect to network and sign into your PSN account. Open the application and the backup process will begin automatically. Saved licenses are stored at ux0:/rif-ripper. It is recommended that you do not delete this folder, so that if the backup process is interrupted, or if you have purchased additional items, previously downloaded licenses are not downloaded again the next time you run RIF Ripper. During the backup process the screen may dim or turn off, however the console will not be put into suspend mode.

RIFs for PlayStation Vita content are saved as NoNpDrm compatible fake RIFs, while licenses for PS3 and PSP content are saved as RAPs.

Changelog v1.1.0
- License decryption errors will be ignored instead of interrupting the backup process.
- This version logs errors and skips PS3 items to a file after the backup process is complete.
- Displays a message in the console when the backup process is complete.
Changelog v1.2.0
- It was previously noted that the licenses for some PS3 content could not be downloaded. These are now correctly identified as DRM-free and unlicensed content. Therefore, RIF Ripper works with all PS3 content.
- There is a limited amount of PS3 content with the PS Vita content title ID, the licenses of which have not been decrypted correctly. This has been corrected. These items are noted in ux0: /rif-ripper/ps3-pcs.txt, and if you find any ux0: / rif-ripper / rif, they can be removed.
- Modification of some console log messages.
- Thanks to JohnSmith and RadicalR for providing information on these issues.
Changelog v1.2.1
- Fixed file permission error.
Download: rif-ripper

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