ManaGunz 1.39 Released

ManaGunz 1.39

Zar is still around on PlayStation 3 and offers a new version of his manager ManaGunz which is now in v1.39.
This v1.39 adds many new features that had not been integrated since version 1.38 which still dates from June 2020, that is to say almost a year ago. In fact it brings changes that are essential, such as support for the latest CFWs, HEN on 4.87, support for external devices with the exFAT file system, 8.3 mamba payloads, note that FileManager 1.39 is also available. saw all the fixes that are made.

Changelog 1.39 :

Fix: Display issue with game title containing new line character '\n'.
Fix: No more freeze when the firmware is unknown/new. I'm not sure how I fixed it tho.
Fix: XMB UI won't display 'adjust your filters' on boot of MGZ if you unchecked 'PS3' filter.
Add: Support new/different PS2 CONFIG from /dev_hdd0/game/PS2CONFIG. They are displayed with the prefix '[DB]'.
Add: IRD check is more accurate. See notes (3)
Add: Updated mamba to 8.3 from
Add: OffsetFinder support every symbols/hash needed to build cobra & mamba 8.3
Add: Support exFAT. See notes (2).
Add: Support HEN & CFW 4.87C.
Add: Logs option. It saves loading logs at "/dev_hdd0/tmp/mgz.log".
Add: Debug option. It slows the messages displayed on screen during loadings.
Add: multiMAN payload is now firmware independent.
Add: New CUSTOM PS2 CONFIG files from webMAN MOD by aldostools December 14, 2020. Special thanks to kozarovv and mrjaredbeta.
Add: New ps2 widescreen pnatchs from forum January 13, 2021.
Add: Reset position of filter box.
Add: Reworked the game updates manager.
Add: dev_bdvd is displayed.
Add BDVD option: Dump encrypted Blu-Ray disc.
Add BDVD option: Dump disc key.
Add BDVD option: Dump decrypted Blu-Ray disc with its IRD. See notes (1).
Add BDVD option: Copy, it will copy the content of the BR to a directory.
Add BDVD option: Properties, same as JB backup.
Add Settings/System tools: Dump eid_root_key, 3Dump.bin, lv1, lv2 and fix permission for dev_hdd0.
Add FileManager: Convert any supported picture to PNG.
Add FileManager: It won't show dev_blind and dev_rebug anymore, instead it will display a protected/unprotect dev_flash with a lock icon.
Add FileManager: Extract RAR files.

Notes :

    When you use the option 'Dump decrypted Blu-Ray disc', it will also generate an ird.
    The ird file is automatically uploaded to an online database if it's a new one.
    If you don't want to upload the ird then disable internet ;)
    It's very slow ! It still needs some improvement/fix : ~1MiB/s instead of ~10MiB/s.
    I used the FatFs module ported to ps3 (psl1ght) by tps/lmirel
    I increased the number of volume to support usb device from 0 for dev_usb000 to 127 for dev_usb127, 128 for dev_sd, 129 for dev_cf and 130 for dev_ms.
    Multi-partition is disabled.
    To support exFAT without changing to much code in ManaGunZ I included 2 files, exFAT.c and mgz_io.c
    exFAT.c : it allows you to manage the exFAT devices : mount, unmount etc.
    mgz_io.c : it replaces several standard functions (some of them are slow/broken in psl1ght anyway) with new ones that support ps3 native file system (ufs2, fat16, fat32), ntfs and exFAT.
    The prefix "exFAT" is used to detect if it's an exFAT device in mgz_io.c
    I did few modifications in the lib:
        enabled GPT with FF_LBA64
        changed FF_VOLUMES from 8 to 131
        modified how the lib 'catch' the volume id to be able to have more than 1 digit id
    Before downloading the ird and checking the MD5, it will check if the following values matchs.
        PUP version, if there isn't PUP it will use PS3_SYSTEM_VERS

Download: ManaGunz 1.39 / FileManager 1.39

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