Switch 7.0 Downgrade to 6.2 tutorial

Switch 7.0 Downgrade to 6.2 tutorial

Since Atmosphere has released with 7.0.X support, To downgrade without a backup, just use ChoidujourNX.
For those with backups you can still follow the method below

Downgrading to 6.2 is possible and not broken. Both boot0/boot1 must be the same version as nand backup

  • Step 1) Place 6.2 nand + boot0/1 backup on sd card
  • Step 2) Boot into RCM and launch hekate
  • Step 3) Restore boot 0/1
  • Step 4) Restore GPP Partitions (or rawnand, I personally used GPP Partitions)
  • Step 5) Launch CFW using Hekate 4.6 or ReiNX 2.0 or sxos (haven't tested with fusee-primary)
  • Step 6) ????
  • Step 7) Profit
This is for FG consoles not ipatched
You will loose any saves you don't have backed up

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