Goldleaf v0.7.3 Released - Firmware 9.0.1 Support Added

Goldleaf v0.7.3 Released - Firmware 9.0.1 Support Added

XorTroll has released a new version of Goldleaf, which is a multi-purpose homebrew application for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to manage various aspects of the console including a SD Card Browser, Memory Browser and utilities to still and manage homebrew NSP titles. This new version is now compatible with the 9.0.1 firmware that was released yesterday.

What's New?


*  General

    *  Now the console's supported key generation is read from BOOT0 (it was hardcoded manually before) - this means that Goldleaf won't have to be updated in new console updates to fix key mismatch errors! Thus, 9.0.1 support was also fixed.
*  Updates

    *  Goldleaf's updater is broken on 0.7.2 (and probably lower versions). PLEASE, DON'T USE IT TO UPDATE TO 0.7.3!. Luckily, it is fixed for this version, so next versions (0.7.x, 0.8...) should download fine when they get released soon.

    *  Pending update detection was barely broken, but has been fixed too. As mentioned in previous releases, you can export it to install it safely with ChoiDujourNX, and delete it from system after that.

Firmware 9.0.0 Warning
Due to changes in the way firmware 9.0.0 handles user input homebrew will have to be recompiled to function correctly using this firmware. Read the changelog to make sure the homebrew you're using has been updated to work on 9.0.0 if you're using firmware 9.0.0 or newer.


These are its main features:

*   SD card browser: A simple but fully equiped file browser for the SD card, supporting several file formats (such as NSP, NRO, NACP, NXTheme, JPEG, tickets...), and with support for copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and creating files and directories.

*   Console memory browser: Same browser but to be used with NAND partitions, which also warns when writing or deleting content as it can be dangerous.

*   USB installer: Via USB connection, you can send NSPs from Goldtree or other PC clients and install them into your console. Keep in mind that this feature is unstable, and might face bugs and issues.

*   Content manager: Browse any kind of content in your SD card, console memory or game cartridge. You can browse all the NCAs, and as title options, you can remove the content, or export it as a NSP. NAND SYSTEM contents (system titles or contents) aren't allowed to be deleted. Invidual contents such as updates or DLC can be removed individually.

*   Ticket manager: Browse all tickets, both common and personalized. You can remove them, but an extra warning will be displayed when attempting to remove tickets being used by some content.

*   Internet via web applets: Using the console's web applets, Goldleaf allows to search and navigate through web pages. If Goldleaf is launched through hbmenu as a NRO, WifiWebAuth applet will be used, which tends to fail sometimes, along with fewer features, such as lack of video support.

*   User account manager: Select a user account, and easily change things as the user's nickname or even delete it. Via the file browsers you can replace a user's icon with a JPEG image, but it can be a risky action. The icon needs to be a valid JPEG, with 256x256 dimensions. Goldleaf checks if the icon is valid to replace the other one.

*   Console information: Simple menu to see current firmware string, and the total free and occupied size on SD card and console memory.


Please refer to the [a href=""]Goldleaf page[/a] on Github for detailed usage instructions.


### Credits

The main concepts of Goldleaf are and have been developed by XorTroll, but without the effort and support of many others, this project wouldn't be what it is now:

(from all the people listed below, special thanks to Adubbz, exelix, C4Phoenix, The-4n and SciresM, for their huge support on their respective areas of homebrew)

*   Adubbz and all the (old) [Tinfoil]( contributors, for their huge work with title installing.

*   exelix and Qcean team, for all their huge support with Home Menu themes. Goldleaf uses (adapted) [SwitchThemesCommon]( libraries to handle theme installs.

*   C4Phoenix, for his awesome work doing this project's logo, and the GIF displayed when launching the installed version.

*   All the icons except Goldleaf's one (see credit above) were grabbed from [Icons8](

*   2767mr, for all the support for making USB installs more stable, and the work-in-progress .NET core version of Goldtree.

*   The-4n, for [hacBrewPack](, to make completely legal NSPs.

*   SciresM for [hactool](, which was ported as a library to make NCA extraction a thing in Goldleaf.

*   Thealexbarney, for his C# libraries for various Nintendo Switch formats: LibHac, used by Goldtree.

*   Simon for his libusbK implementation for C#, which has made Goldtree client possible.

*   shchmue for FATFS libs and the system to get titlekeys without breaking processes, found in [Lockpick](

*   Translators: [unbranched]( and [exelix]( for Italian, [tiliarou]( and [FuryBaguette]( for French, and [LoOkYe]( for German. (Both English and Spanish were made by me)

*   All the testers, for reporting bugs and helping a lot with the project's development.

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