NSZ v2.1 Released

NSZ v2.1 Released

Nico Bosshard released a new version of his python script named NSZ, as the compression format recently born on the Switch scene, which will allow you to compress and unzip the .nsz files that can be used on the latest Nintendo console.

NSZ files are very close to NSPs, they are compressed, it's not quite a new format, the script is quite simple to use, and know that NSC_Builder supports NSP file compression in NSZ and decompression NSZ file in NSP.

Changelog NSZ 2.1:

- 98 commits since version 2.0
- Added support for pips
- Added support for building Nightka standalone windows
- Improved file Existing check
- Skip files already compressed / uncompressed by default
- Extract TitleIDs and Versions from the file name if possible
- The checking of the titleID is now immensely faster than when extracting from Cnmt.
- Batch error handling with traceback
- Some debugging codes to discover the wrong files
- Prevent batch processing errors
- Batch error handling with traceability
- The --thread option now works for solid compression, but the progress bar still has some visual problems.
- Nsp / NSZ file hash check now uses hashes in Cnmt instead of nec file name
- Fixed a decompression memory leak / The memory leak only occurs for dctx.stream_reader and has been fixed by switching to the simple decompression API, which is anyway more logical for the decompression of blocks .
- Improved pageReadSize compute speed by using math instead of a time loop
- Added option --remove-source that deletes the source file after compression or decompression
- Fixed a huge compression memory leak
- Fixed an incorrect working directory when starting nut.py from another directory
- Improved exception handling during TitleID / Version extraction
- Added support for prod.keys keys
- Reorganized file structure
- Fix the keys.txt path to always be the folder containing nsz.py
- Fixed the amount of default thread to be cpu_count ()
- Implementation of python version checking to prevent python from showing users confusing exceptions to compatibility.
- Compatible and tested with Python 3.6 and later
- General improvement of the system stability to improve the user experience.

Link/Download: NSZ v2.1

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