Awoo Installer v1.2.2 Released

Awoo Installer v1.2.2 Released

Developer Huntereb offers a new version of Awoo Installer, its tool allows you to install NSPs and NSZs with a division option on the SD card. It also supports installation over a local network using tools such as ns-usbloader and URLs. Awoo Installer is an installer of NSP / NSZ (split or not) based on the old version of Tinfoil (that of Adube), it allows nothing other than the installation of NSP / NSZ which also limits its use .

Changelog 1.2.2:

- Fixed a bug that caused XCI installations from the SD card to fail
- Builds are now compiled with a properly constructed lib-zstd (large NSZ / XCZ files are installed now)
- Audio notifications for warnings, errors and full installations (Can be turned down by lowering the volume)
- The Home button is no longer blocked during installation
- Users are now warned of potential instability using Applet mode.
- The loss of connection during the installation of a local network / internet no longer causes the software to crash.
- The Google Drive API key can now be defined in your config.ini file, it will appear in your configuration after running the software and changing the parameters.
- Numerous backstage changes for USB installations (Coming soon!)
- Many other small changes and bug fixes
- Compiled with switchbrew / libnx @ d1e5a5d.

Download: Awoo Installer v1.2.2

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