Goldleaf 0.8 Released

Goldleaf 0.8 Released

XorTroll has just released version 0.8 of Goldleaf, the equivalent of FBI for Nintendo Switch returns with
a new version that fixes some bugs.

As you know Goldleaf is a competitor to Tinfoil, the application includes several utilities, such as NAND / SD navigation, installation of NSP files and management of content or tickets.

But with this version 0.8, XorTroll added the possibility of dumping amiibo via amiibo / NFP services, and it also fixed a lot of crash problems.

Changelog 0.8

Updated with the latest version of libnx. This simplifies the code, and fixes potential problems that the old libnx might have had.

Parts of the code have been rewritten or simplified to try to improve the performance of Goldleaf. Lots of nonsensical or unused code has been removed, and a lot has been simplified with the latest changes to libnx.

Removed support for forwarders. There are fewer ways to launch homebrew as an application (via uLaunch or using the title override via Atmosphere)

Fixed a bug where deleting the currently selected user left Goldleaf in a freese state (because she thought the user was still valid)

Now the amiibo dump is done via the amiibo / NFP "debugging" services. As emuiibo intercepts user services (and soon from the system), the use of debugging services means that Goldleaf will be able to dump real amiibos, even if emuiibo is activated.

Personalized management of exceptions / crashes: now, when a crash occurs (generally segmentation errors), it will not cause a fatal error, Goldleaf will rather save a simple crash report in / reports and exit normally. The same goes for fatal crashes, which also record fatal reports.

Now the restart will restart on RCM / payload, in the same way as if you had restarted from the power menu of the HOME menu.

The web browser system has been improved, now adding a custom menu, and the ability to save a page as a bookmark after browsing it.

Adding an integrated emuiibo v0.4.0 manager! This greatly simplifies the use of virtual amiibos:

Unlike other managers, Goldleaf checks amiibo and tries to recover its image from AmiiboAPI, otherwise it displays an icon by default.

You can change the emuiibo status (on, on for use and off) and select a certain amiibo to use.

Quark / USB
The target version of Quark has been changed to Java 9 or higher, as support for Java 8 has also complicated its operation.

The USB system has been modified, and it no longer works with previous versions (the last Goldtree for example, which supported up to 0.7.3)

Fixed file / directory copy between different file systems (SD and PC in this case), so it should work fine now.

Now Goldleaf takes advantage of string descriptors on its USB communications:

Goldleaf's USB will have "Goldleaf" as the product chain, so Quark can identify if the detected homebrew is actually Goldleaf. This particular change removes compatibility with previous versions.

Goldleaf also defines its version as the descriptor for the serial number, so Quark can use it. Development versions have "-dev" after the version ("0.8.0-dev", for example), which means that Quark warns of its possible instability.

Quark now displays the time that something was recorded in the log box. In this way, one can easily identify whether the USB connection still works, for example, with installations or long copies of files.

Download: Goldleaf 0.8

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