Hakchi2 CE 3.7.0 Released

Hakchi2 CE 3.7.0 Released

Team Shinkansen has just put online a new version of Hakchi2-CE which goes to v3.7.0.

It's been more than 3 months since DanTheMan827 had not proposed an official build of Hakchi2-CE, suddenly the innovations are very numerous.

As a reminder, Hakchi2 CE contains all the modifications made by the different communities and offers many features, as well as many bug fixes, it is a fork of Hakchi2 from ClusterM which is unfortunately no longer updated. The biggest novelty of this version is the integration of Sega systems!

New features :

Bluetooth support with optional hmod installable from the modules window
Support Sega!
Full user interface integration
Button C acts as a back to file button
Ability to force a specific theme
Support for launching Genesis / MegaDrive games in stock emulator
Support for launching games in other emulators
Save compression
Save compatibility with back-archiving and m2engage
Spine generator with templates by TheWez1981
Illustration of the Genesis / MegaDrive folder by TheWez1981
Use additional space on the NAND that was not previously usable
Add the format of the SD card to the tools menu
Added possibility to export and import folder structure
Add an option to create a backup folder on the usb export
Add support for other gamepads in stock ui / emulator
Obtaining information about the reverse archive kernel from hmod files
Save the folder structure as an html file instead of xml
Save module report as HTML file instead of plain text


Added description, genre, region and additional entries for the number of players in the game info
Add information about common causes of long restart times
Change "Export games" to "Export to USB".
Change dialog text when adding games to "Select games"
Change the text of the menu option for uninstalling and resetting if the offset is maintained
Move the game count warning in the folder manager in the tooltip and make the label red when too many games are present
Replace the references of "NES / SNES Mini" with "mini".
Define a minimum shape size for the mod hub
Normalize on the term "Console"
Typo: "Estimate the remaining tile" to "Estimate the remaining time"


Correction of an involuntary scrolling when searching for images
Fixed various bugs with image search on Google
Always use 228x204 for resizing the image with the classic NES / SNES drawing
Fixed "Group games w / no box art" option including stock games if using their stock artwork
Set NES fadein times
Fixed crash when sorting by system
Fixed scanning issues for art boxes
Fixed motd links not opening in default web browser
Fixed the preset ID in the sfrom editor so that it is the correct byte order
Fixed an issue with importing xml files from the directory manager
Fixed an issue when assigning core mame2003-plus to user interface roms
Correction of a size calculation bug if / var / saves does not exist
Improving the generation of sfrom
Returns the http status code if a mod repository cannot be loaded
Search for / media / with the firmware selection dialog

And even more :

Add menu option to developer menu to download hakchi-latest.hmod from hakchi.net
Changes to the custom background hmod
Copyleft update for translation mods and external user interface
Get label-based nand partition devices
Load uboot from hakchi.hmod instead of the file
Make the MessageShape AutoSize to the given text
Update of the uninstall and the uboot flash with the latest hakchi commands
Use a custom user agent for web requests

Download: https://github.com/TeamShinkansen/Hakchi2-CE/releases/tag/v3.7.0

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  1. Apparently hmods like the music mod don't work with Hakchi for the Sega Mini. I was looking for anywhere to clarify that they either work or they don't. But after trying it, apparently they don't.