Nro2Nsp v3.3.6 Beta 2 Released

Nro2Nsp v3.3.6 Beta 2

Root-MtX has just released a new version of its Nro2Nsp program in Beta form. As a reminder, this tool allows you to easily produce NSPs from NRO, and to create retroArch ROM redirects.

With this tool it is possible to automatically load the information present in the NRO files, it suffices to load the file by selecting Romfs, validating with Yes, this will have the effect of loading the meta-information directly.

Changelog 3.3.6 Beta 2

  •     Fixed Rolling TitleId error
  •     Improved Failed build error message
  •     Fixed extra files being saved to pc
  •     Added Keyfile checks with Value Compare (experimental)
  •     Updated Key Generation Revisions

Added in Beta 1:

  •     Add export forwarders as Nros (Note you'll need to use Title Overide for titles that require more ram)
  •     Added Setting to allow official TitleId range, Use with caution to avoid conflicting ids (Allows Hid-mitm)
Download: Nro2Nsp v3.3.6 Beta 2

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