Appstore Workbench v3.2 Released

Appstore Workbench v3.2

Appstore Workbench is a cross-platform tool for managing applications installed with HBAS (Homebrew Appstore) on modified Nintendo Switch consoles, but it also works on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii.

All applications are extracted from the official HBAS Team / 4TU servers. The main objective is to allow users to easily manage packages containing homebrews and to monitor versions without requiring the user to connect his Switch console to the Internet.

An additional goal was to prevent the creation of another package management standard to use the Appstore Teams libget standard.

This version 3.2 brings a lot of corrections, and adds support for controls much like Windows with the F11 key.

Download: Appstore Workbench v3.2

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