Joycon Toolbox v0.2 Released

Joycon Toolbox v0.2

CompSciOrBust has just unveiled a new tool inspired by CTCaer's Joycon Toolkit which runs entirely on the Switch console in the form of an NRO file.

Joycon Toolbox v0.2 can define the colors of the two joycons anchored to anything in the configuration file. When changing the joycon colors, it may be necessary to unhook them and then reset the joycons for the colors to take effect.

Config file

-The config file should be placed in sdmc:/config/JCTB.cfg
-The structure of the config file is Colour set name Left joycon body colour Left joycon buttons colour Right joycon body colour Right joycon buttons colour
-All colours should be in RGB hexadecimal format.

In the future :
- Addition of a graphical interface.
- Addition of a color wheel to choose custom colors.
- Added possibility to modify Pro controllers
- Added possibility to change colors on Lite models if you have a Lite TX chip mod
- Other general improvements.

Download: Joycon Toolbox v0.2

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