Haku v3.0 Released

Haku v3.0

Haku33 is a homebrew application delivered in NRO format which will allow you to clean your NAND under Nintendo Switch. Written in C ++, this open source program has the function of eliminating critical files from the console to perform a hard reset of the console, leaving only the essentials to start.

The goal of Haku33 is to completely eliminate console logs or other information to ensure that the CFW never existed.

Goal :

- Cleaning the nand so that it can connect and use all the originals you wanted to uninstall CFW or use emunand (emummc)

Warning :

- It is advisable to make a backup before using it, because although it is well tested, breakdowns can occur.
- This remains a premise of data elimination.
- It is not 100% safe but the people who tested it have not yet been banned.
- If you have a clean backup of the Nand, it is preferable that under no circumstances should you use switch patches.
- If your console is banned, there is nothing to do

Changelog 3.0:
- Integration of TegraExplorer to delete and clean up the payload instead of the system
- Haku33 only works on sysnand
- This will fix some freezing bugs
- Operation is the same as in previous versions

Download: Haku 3.0

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