JKSM 05.08.2020 Released

JKSM 05.08.2020

J-D-K, creator of JKSV, has just updated its JK's SaveManager (JKSM) tool.

JK_ shares with us a new version of its manager for our 3DS consoles.

This is in CIA format and can be launched directly without having to go through the HBL. The Homebrew will automatically remove the protection set up by Nintendo, "secure value", and will also allow you to extract and import the ExData if the title in question use them.

The 3DSX version can use other titles, for example, to bypass ASLR.

Changelog 05.08.2020:
  •      Dropped support for * hax
  •      Cleaned up FS code
  •      Favorites ported from switch
  •      Fixed bug that caused extdata to not be backed up when dump all was used
  •      Probably other stuff. It's been forever.
Download: JKSM 05.08.2020

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