NOBORU v0.52 Released

NOBORU v0.52

Creckeryop has released a new version of NOBORU, which is a comic book reading application for homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation Vita portable video gaming consoles. It supports online enabled browsing of manga (Japanese comics) sites along with offline CBZ support.


-Browsing manga sites
-Build-in updater
-Reading manga (with Vertical or Horizontal mode!)
-MultiTouch, Swipes and other touch things
-Adding manga to library
-Loading longpages (webmanga) without downscaling (thanks to my [piclib]
-Supports CBZ format
-Reading without network (Offline mode !!Don't forget to add manga in library!! (you can also check `History` tab))


Rinnegatamante - LuaPlayerPlus_Vita
VitaSDK - vitaSDK
xerpi - libvita2d
theFloW - VitaShell for some functions

Changelog v0.52
-Added Turkish Language (thanks to kemalsanli)
-Added Cookie from browser grabber (for auth feature (Mangadex search))
-Added option to skip cache and chapter checking (default: turned-on)
-Little draw fixes
Download: NOBORU v0.52

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