PSVita USB Streaming UVC v1.5 Released

PSVita USB Streaming UVC v1.5

Xerpi has updated the plugin to manage the USB Video Class, PSVita USB Streaming (UVC - USB Video Class) is now available in version 1.5.

PSVita Udcd UVC detects PS Vita, as a USB video class device, which describes devices capable of running such as webcams, video streams, digital cameras, transcoders, analog video converters and digital cameras. the image.

As you know, the portable console has a module (SceUdcd) which allows you to define the basic USB port (on Fat and Slim models) as any USB device and thus emulate the PS Vita as a USB Video device Class.

Changelog 1.5:
  •      Removed unused interrupt endpoint, which seems that allocated USB bandwidth that could not be used for sending the video data. Before this change, sending a 960x544 NV12 frame took ~ 16ms, now that this endpoint is removed and more bandwidth is available, sending a frame takes ~ 13ms.
  •      Colorspace conversion takes ~ 2.5ms, therefore now it takes 13 + 2.5 = 15.5ms, so 60FPS can be achieved at full resolution!
  •      Minor cleanups
  •      Compiling with -O2
Download: PSVita USB Streaming UVC v1.5

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