TegraExplorer v2.0.0 Released

TegraExplorer v2.0.0

suchmememanyskill has released a new version of TegraExplorer, which is payload-based file explorer for your switch. TegraExplorer will allow you to browse the contents of your Switch without having to actually load the Horizon OS. It supports navigating the SD Card along with your sysNAND, can launch other payloads and even allows you to dump your current firmware.


-   Navigate the SD card
-   Navigate the System partition of your sysnand/sysmmc
-   Interact with files
    -   Deleting, copying or moving files
    -   Launching payloads files
    -   Viewing the hex data of a file
-   Interacting with folders
    -   Deleting or copying folders
-   Dumping your current firmware to sd
-   Formatting the sd card


Based on [Lockpick_RCM], and thus also based on [Hekate]
Lots of help from:

Changelog v2.0.0

    The screen is now horizontal, The GUI has been tweaked to fit the new dimensions
        A scroll bar has been added
        Additional info is displayed on the right side of the screen
    Joycon support has been added
        This also means the TegraScript Language has changed to reflect this
        Due to having more buttons, a way to input text has been added. This means you can add folders, rename folders and rename files when you have both joycons connected
        If you do not have the joycons on your system, LeftUp is vol+, LeftDown is vol-, and A is power
        You can take a screenshot by pressing the screenshot button on the left joycon
        Current controls:
            Up/Down: Left stick up/down
            Select: A
            Back: B
            Fast Up/Down: Right stick up/down
            Screenshot: Capture button


    Loading into folders is now a lot faster as the way file sizes are cached changed
    Navigating around folders is now a lot faster as the way screen updates has changed
    (some) spelling errors have been corrected

This release of TegraExplorer runs a lot faster when you have minerva on your sd card. This means that having the bootloader folder of hekate 5.1.0+ on your sd cards speeds things up a lot!
In this version of TegraExplorer some features are disabled unless you're running with minerva. Currently this is limited to taking screenshots
Download: TegraExplorer v2.0.0

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