sys-screenuploader v0.0.10 Released

sys-screenuploader v0.0.10

bakatrouble has released a new version of sys-screenuploader, which is a homebrew Nintendo Switch NSP sysmodule (plugin for Atmosphere) for automatic upload of screen captures to remote server. It currently allows you to upload to Telegram or Discord, but the author also provides a configuration tool to extend usage.


This is my first nx homebrew app, a template project by vbe0201 was used (and extended to support sysmodule building).

Initial sysmodule code was taken from SunTheCourier's SwitchPresence-Rewritten.

Icon by lordelan (GitHub)

Changelog v0.0.10
-Logging was remade completely: added an option to clear logs on launch; format was changed; log file is now readable even while the sysmodule is running (mostly)
-[] now supports placeholders for captions: `{date}`, `{time}` and {`title`}
Download: sys-screenuploader v0.0.10

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