NSC_Builder v1.00 Released

NSC_Builder v1.00

Julesontheroad has just uploaded version 1.00 of NSC_Builder.

He has been offering us his tool for almost 2 years, as you know NSC_Builder succeeds NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of his modded hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" feature, which allows you to clear the titlerights encryption from NSP files.

This version 1.00 is the consecration, and the changes are very numerous:

- NSCB.exe was added
- Direct installation of xci and xcz on mtp from local sources
- Direct installation of nsp patches from local sources and standard crypto option
- Direct creation of xci and multi xci directly on the SD by mtp from local sources
- Added support for local libraries for all NSCB modes
- Added folder-walker on all modes for local and remote resources
- Added server and interface trigger on the NSCB main bat
- Fixed bugs and small things

Download: NSC_Builder v1.00

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