SwitchPresence-Rewritten 1.8 Released

SwitchPresence-Rewritten 1.8

SunTheCourier invites us to discover version 1.8 of SwitchPresence-Rewritten. Under this name hides as a reminder a sysmodule which will allow you to display on Discord a status "playing" when you play your games.

This is an application for your Switch that will change your Discord presence, the concept was taken from Random's SwitchPresence. If you are not a normal Discord user, the online text / voice chat application displays the game you are currently playing under your username.

Changelog 1.8 :

Presence data will now persist up to a minute after the server or client disconnects

Memory footprint greatly decreased
Threads should now be lower priority allowing for a tiny performance gain.
Update frequency increased from every 5 seconds to every second.
Switch toolbox json included

Download : SwitchPresence-Rewritten 1.8

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