"old-browserhax": update its "new-browserhax" exploit for old 3DS Released

"old-browserhax": update its "new-browserhax" exploit for old 3DS

Zoogie developers have just updated their exploit "new-browserhax" intended for Old3DS -> Thus "old-browserhax" was released.

As a reminder, New-browserhax is a new exploit developed by Zoogie which allows access to the Homebrew Launcher, via the browser.
The original exploit is the one used for the WiiU, namely JsTypeHax, ported to 3DS.
The exploit has been readapted for Old3DS, up to Firmware

How do I install old-browserhax? 

You need an old3DS with a specific version

     11.9.0-42 -> 11.13.0-45 for USA or JAPAN
     11.10.0-43 -> 11.13.0-45 for EUROPE
-Download the zip containing the files to launch the exploit: New-browserhax-1.0
-Download flincs boot.3dsx: hbmenu 2.2.0
- Put the 3 files at the root of the micro SD
     sdmc: /arm11code.bin
     sdmc: /browserhax_hblauncher_ropbin_payload.bin
     sdmc: /boot.3dsx

- Then press L / R to start the APN is clicked on the QRCode scan
- Scan this QRCode (which leads to the address: https://zoogie.github.io/web/nbhax)

If you have any concerns about using / setting up the exploit, the documentation on the exploit's github will give you solutions: https://github.com/zoogie/old-browserhax/#troubleshooting

The github link: https://github.com/zoogie/old-browserhax/

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