Fizeau v2.0.0 Released

Fizeau v2.0.0

Averne has just published a new version of its Fizeau tool which is now in v2.0.0.
He has been able to make his proposal evolve enormously since he has completely changed everything now this version is a fairly complete rewrite which uses a better way to modify the colors. Version 2.0.0 fixes the problem of previous versions, where dark colors were made brighter, and allows new options to be introduced.
Remember that with Fizeau you will be able to adjust the color and temperature, while from the Dawn and Dusk element (sunrise and sunset), it is possible to run it and turn it off at the time set. This option can be very interesting for the night in particular by adjusting the colors of your screen.

Changelog 2.0.0:
- Color filtering: displays colors in shades of a single component (red, green or blue)
- Gamma adjustment: ~ contrast
- Brightness adjustment: can be used to further reduce screen brightness
- Smooth transitions, moreover, it makes it possible to no longer depend on a layer, so that a Tesla layer can be used to control these parameters.
- Options have been reworked in "profiles", a set of settings that can be applied independently to the external and internal display (connected and portable, respectively), or to both. Thus, you can have different profiles adapted to certain games, or to certain screens.
- All firmwares are supposed to be supported
Download: Fizeau v2.0.0

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