Cemu 1.22.0h Released

Cemu 1.22.0h

ExZap and his team released version 1.22.0 of its emulator, but the latter seems to have had a little delay in switching on since officially the f, g and h versions have followed one another, in public release, after having published the b , the c, the d and the e. It's quite unusual for Cemu to offer so many different versions in public, moreover these version variations simply correct bugs as evidenced by the changelogs. Anyway, here is version 1.22 which arrives and which replaces version 1.21.5 released at the beginning of November.
The work is still impressive since a redesign of the management of the PowerPC and Cafe OS has been redesigned, so the CPU supports have evolved, the new multi-core recompiler will use a full CPU thread + up to two additional threads (evolving dynamically with actual CPU usage by the emulated CPU) Multi-core mode is slightly more efficient than triple-core mode.
In addition, progress has also been made on the side of OpenGL and Vulkan, allowing performance gains of up to 5% in certain games.

Changelog v1.22.0:

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.22.0k
# Patreon release date: 2020-11-13
# Public release date: 2020-11-20

# New in 1.22.0f / g / h / i / j / k (public release):

general: Fixed even more race conditions which could lead to low performance, softlocks or crashes

# New in 1.22.0b / c / d / e:

general: Fixed several race conditions which could lead to crashes or softlocks in any game

# New in 1.22.0:

general: Reworked PowerPC and Cafe OS threading from the ground up
         Summary of changes:
         - The existing single / dual / triple-core CPU modes are replaced with 'Single-core' and 'Multi-core' mode
         - The new multi-core recompiler will use one full CPU thread + up to two extra threads (dynamically scales with actual CPU usage by the emulated CPU)
           Multi-core mode has slightly better performance compared to triplecore mode
           Overall CPU utilization on the host should be reduced for games that are not heavily multi-threaded (e.g. Super Mario 3D World, Twilight Princess)
         - Decreased overhead in all modes (minor performance boost)
         - Fixed a few multi-core race conditions
         - The CPU mode 'auto' option will use single-core mode for CPUs with three or less physical cores and multi-core mode for anything above

OpenGL / Vulkan: Optimized PM4 command processor (up to 5% performance gain depending on the game)

Download: Cemu 1.22.0h

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