RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.3.5 Released

RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.3.5

RiiConnect24 Has just been updated to version 1.3.5.

As a reminder, this is an alternative provider for the WiiConnect24 service (now defunct) and designed to allow communication between the Nintendo Wii console and WiiU via the Internet. The Nintendo Channel was a channel for the Wii that let you watch videos, interviews, and game information. RiiConnect24 now also works in the Dolphin emulator. 


Welcome to the RiiConnect24 Patcher! This patcher will do everything for you, all you need to do is sit back and relax :)

For Windows please download RiiConnect24Patcher.bat
For UNIX System users (MacOS, Linux) unfortunately - our bash patcher is not working at the moment. However, we've prepared a Windows PE Image that you can boot that will allow you to use RiiConnect24 Patcher without the need of Windows. More info here.

The patching process takes only few minutes depending on your CPU :)

Changelog v1.3.5:

    -WiiWare Patcher is now integrated in the patcher. You can now directly patch your WAD Games in the patcher.
    -We've moved file hosting to the RiiConnect24 VPS.
    -We now support patching for Japan (J) and Korea (K) regions.
    -We can now bundle Internet Channel, Photo Channel, Today and Tomorrow Channel and Wii Speak Channel along with the RiiConnect24 Patched channels.

Download: RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.3.5

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