Rekado 4.1.1 Released

Rekado 4.1.1

Since July 2020 we had not had the chance to discover an update for Rekado, and here is where version 4.1.1 arrives. The developer MenosGrante has been offering the first version of the year of Rekado for a few hours with some very nice new features.
As a reminder, Rekado is an Android application that allows payload loading for your Nintendo Switch configured in RCM mode. Based on NXLoader, this application is much faster than the latter since it allows the change of Payloads by pre-loading them.

Changelog 4.1.1:
    Updated: Localization center moved to the "Crowdin".

    Updated: All payloads to the up-to-date versions.

    Updated: Localization center moved to the "Crowdin".
    Updated: "Jungle" theme replaced with "Retro wave" theme.
    Updated: Overhaul design of the "Themes" screen.
    Updated: Icons and padding in the whole app.

    Fixed: Title and description cut off in the "Tools" screen.

Download: Rekado 4.1.1

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