Atmosphere 0.18.0 + Sigpatch Released

Atmosphere 0.18.0 + Sigpatch

Atmosphere has just received its 44th update with the addition of a new module and mainly bug fixes and stability improvements.

Atmosphere 0.18.0 official changelog:

The following was changed since the last release:
    A new mitm module was added (dns.mitm).
        This provides a highly configurable mechanism for redirecting DNS resolution requests.
        By default atmosphere redirects resolution requests for official telemetry servers to a loopback address.
        Documentation on how to configure dns.mitm to meet your more specific needs may be found here.
    The service framework API (sf) was refactored to be more accurate to official logic and greatly reduce memory requirements.
        The comparison of atmosphere module memory usage versus Nintendo's found here was updated to reflect this.
        Please Note: If you are a developer using the libstratosphere service APIs, some updating may be required. Contact SciresM # 0524 on discord for assistance if required.
    A number of deprecations were removed, following a general codebase cleanup:
        The sm extension to not unregister services on connection close was superseded by official opt-in logic in 11.0.0, and has been removed in favor of official logic.
            This should have zero impact on users.
        The temporary hid-mitm added in 0.9.0 has finally been removed, following over a year of deprecation.
            There shouldn't be any homebrew in use still affected by this, but the situation will be monitored.
            If this is somehow still a real issue, an unaffiliated hid mitm sysmodule providing the same functionality can be created and released, separate from atmosphere itself.
    Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

Download: Atmosphere 0.18.0
Sigpatch: Patch 0.18.0 (atmosphere + hekate)

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