NeXT v2.00 Released

NeXT v2.00

After DeepSea and RetroReloaded, here is the last of the band which has just appeared, NeXT has indeed just been unveiled in a new version 2.00 which has been graphically evolved in the right direction.
As a reminder, NeXT is an AIO which correctly supports custom firmware whether with Atmosphere or SX OS, moreover, its application management is simplified and is done via the interface which has the advantage of being clear. Big novelty also the passage in English.

In this release:
    Boot Menu -> Updated UI, Added a button to ALLOW or DENY Cartdrige Firmware Update
    Atmosphere -> 0.18.1 -> Big N Hosts are now blocked
    Hekate -> 5.5.4 -> Now you can create a smaller Emunand Partition
    All-In-One Switch Updater -> 1.1.3
    Goldleaf -> 0.9 Release
    NeXT Updater -> 1..0.4 -> Added new repo URL
    Awoo Installer -> 1.3.4
    NS-USB Loader (PC Tool) -> 5.0 -> No need to install java on pc

    Edizon SE 3.8.09
    Tinfoil 11.0


Download: NeXT v2.00

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