TrophyUnlocker v1 Released

TrophyUnlocker v1

xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx has just put online a new PS4 tool under the name of PS4 Trophy Unlocker, this is a homebrew application with beta status and which will allow you to patch a game on Windows before installing it in order to to unlock his trophy.
Be careful, this utility will generate a new PKG to install, which also means that your installation will be different from that of the original game.

Feedback is mixed, some users lead to errors, others claim it works.

Run TrophyUnlocker.exe
Add the Param.sfo of the current game you want to run.
Add the Nptitle and NpBlind files add the trophy.trp file
All can be dumped with the app dump payload. 

Click Build Unlocker

Now install the created pkg on the ps4
(If the game is installed it will overwrite it so be careful)
Run it.

Click the arrows up and down to select the trophy you want unlocked
[ ] to view the trophy list.
X to unlock.
And Triangle for a screenshot

Have fun
Download: TrophyUnlocker

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