reVC-vita v.1.0 Released

reVC-vita v.1.0

After GTA III with the re3-vita engine (we will switch to the port of the mobile version of GTA San Andreas) now it is GTA Vice City which has been fully backported and reimplemented on Vita using the same librw library.
Rinnegatamante is in the driver's seat with the port of reVC to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, a complete and open source reimplementation of GTA's RenderWare graphics engine.

In order to use the engine, you must provide a copy of the game files, which you can optionally purchase on Steam for example.
- Place the GTA: Vice City game files in the ux0: data / gtavc directory.
- Extract the data files provided on VitaDB so that the files end up being ux0: data / gtavc.
- Install the .vpk file.

Some bugs are still present, they will probably be fixed in a future version, some backups do not work in garages, and the framerate drops when there is a lot of smoke in the image. Finally, some doors can remain closed.

Download: reVC-vita v.1.0

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