Minit Fun Racer Vita Released

Minit Fun Racer Vita

m1s3ry has just ported the Steam game "Minit Fun Racer" to PlayStation Vita. Released on February 18, 2021, not even two months ago, the game Minit Fun Racer is a small game for a great cause.

In 2018, developers Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio and Dominik Johann proposed Minit, a black and white game, the goal of which was simple, to get to the end, only detail, a 10-second countdown, to after which the hero dies. You have to find objects and solve puzzles to save time, and stay alive.

    Download the VPK and install it on your hacked PS Vita
    Download the patch and extract it anywhere. Open your newly created patch folder
    If you have the Steam version of Minit Fun Racer, right click on it -> Manage -> Browse local files. Otherwise, find the folder in which Minit Fun Racer is installed
    Copy to your patch folder, and execute apply_patch.bat
    Launch VitaShell on your Vita and connect to PC via FTP or USB. (NOTE: If you connect through USB, you will need to enable Windows to show hidden files and folders)
    Copy the resulting to ux0:app/MINITRACE/games
    Copy all of the other game files (except options.ini and to ux0:app/MINITRACE/games
    Launch the game on your Vita and enjoy
    Optional but highly recommended: Install PSVShell and overclock ES4 to 166 or 222 mhz. You can also overclock CPU to 444mhz to mitigate micro stutters

Loader port link: minit-fun-racer-vita

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